What We Do

Nutrient Management

Farm Environmental Management Plans

Our Farm Environmental Plans identify resource capacity and environmental risk. A work program is set out in order to manage and mitigate these risks along with independent recommendations.

Nutrient Budgeting

Nutrient Budgets are modelled by Overseer, using this tool we can calculate nutrient loss from your property and create recommendations in order to reduce nutrient loss.

Overseer: Modelling the Farm as a Living System

Soil and Herbage Testing

Soil and herbage testing allows the nutrient content of your soil and plants to be determined. From here a fertiliser plan can put in place in order to benefit your farm system.

Soil Compaction Testing

Soil compaction testing measures the force required to penetrate soil, this information can then be used to create a management plan specific to your soil.

Electromagnetic Mapping

EM mapping measures soil variability within a farm system, this allows a range of applications to be applied accurately to specific soil types.

Facilitation and Discussion Groups

  • RMPP qualified to facilitate Action Network Groups
  • Discussion groups customised to group level
  • Facilitation of catchment groups
  • Personal and professional development

Resource Management

  • Land Management
  • System resilience
  • Sustainable resource management
  • Independent certified resource management commissioner



Mapping paddocks with the drone creates 2D, 3D, plant health and elevation maps. These maps can be used for future planning as well as allowing management decisions to be proactively rather than reactively.

Drone operator

Drone maps

FarmIQ and Farmax Data management

Using FarmIQ and Farmax data collected on farm can be analysed and then transferred into reports, this allowing performance to be measured and create recommendations to maximise efficiency.

Sensor Network

  • River Watch – Water monitoring
  • Farmote – Pasture growth rate
  • Node – Weather stations

Farm management

Independent Strategic Advice

  • System Overview
  • Strategic/Estate Planning
  • Farming profitability
  • Sustainability assessment
  • Reporting – Global Trends/ National Trends/Regional Trends

Project Management

  • Asset management plans
  • Catchment management groups

Specialty Collaborations

Validated Strategic Partners

  • Soil Science – Geoff Morton
  • Soil and LUC reporting – Lachie Grant
  • Farmlands
  • FarmIQ