Culture & Values

Culture and Values

Rural Directions is founded on our own personal values which can be summed up in the word ‘Care’. We care about people, their futures and about why they make decisions and how they come to those decisions.

Our values shape the way in which we operate; we are one team operating with the utmost care, allowing us to be approachable, foster and maintain encouraging relationships and fully understand our client’s wants and needs.

Groups Shared Values

Rural Directions offers its clients both Recruitment and HR and Advisory services; each service being their own enterprise but sharing the same brand value of care.

We are in the business of making profit, but that does not come at a cost of caring for our clients. Both entities genuinely drive to make a difference to their clients businesses.

We are often our clients’ clients and therefore we get first-hand experience of the value people place on quality service and quality relationships.

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