Emma Hynes

Farm Systems Technician
Emma Hynes | Farm Systems Technician

A Little Bit of Background

From a young age I had a passion for agriculture; I spent many school holidays at my grandparents farm where my love for farming grew. I graduated Massey University with a Bachelor of Science Majoring in Agriculture in 2014. Over the last two years I have gained valuable experience working on Lochinver Station as a Farm Technician and at Brownrigg Agriculture as a Shepherd/Crop Monitor. This has allowed me to use my technical and practical skills to give me a good understanding of farm systems.

What’s Important to Me?

I enjoy analysing data in order to make informed farming decisions. I find it rewarding to see businesses farming efficiently and maximising their production.

What Happens Out of Work?

In my spare time I enjoy riding my horses; I ride for leisure as well as competitively show jump. I have always been involved in sports and like to spend time outdoors keeping fit. My partner manages a farm in Elsthorpe and I enjoy giving him a hand when I have time. Friends and family are a big part of our lives and they love coming out to experience farm life.

Some of My Learnings

Over the last two years I have spent time on intensive farming systems. This has allowed me to appreciate how many factors go into producing a product or a desired outcome. Having a positive impact on this process is a rewarding job.

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