Brent Paterson

Managing Director
Brent Paterson | Managing Director

A Little Bit Of Background

I’ve been in the Agricultural sector since 1969 (or birth) and have an active interest in farming with a 600Ha property in Patoka, Hawke’s Bay. My wife Jackie and I have two daughters who dominate our weekends as we provide them with a courier service between their events.

Rural Directions was founded in 2005 with the same values that we manage our farm and our family with, we care about people and things.

What’s Important To Me

I understand how I like to be treated as a customer and that is always at front of mind. Everyone has different requirements and theirs are the most important thing to them in the world; don’t ever disappoint them, it’s a privilege to be engaged by a client.

What Happens Out Of Work

Normal rural bloke stuff, hunting, fishing, arm chair sports professional (uncontracted) and of course family and my other job farming.

Some Of My Learnings

I’ve been around long enough to understand people’s demands and to ask the right questions to draw out the right information. I have had the privilege of being on hundreds of farming businesses in the last ten years, so have been exposed to many outstanding ideas and systems. I’m only too happy to try and pass some of these learnings on.

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